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Union Hotel B&B, Normandale

Down an eerie side-road aptly called, Spooky Hollow, past the cemetery at a dangerous S-bend in the road, lies the historic hamlet of Normandale, Ontario, Canada.

In the first half of the 1800’s, it was a bustling, industrial town with a population of 300, the Normandale Iron Works employed 200 at its facilities on the shores of Lake Erie, manufacturing stoves, pipes and farm products.

And within a few hundred feet of the shores of Lake Erie, Abram Post built the Union Hotel  in 1834, to accommodate the influx of commerce and workers.

It was a proud and stately Inn, but with the decline in bog ore in the 1850’s, the town was all but abandoned by industry and the Union Hotel became a casualty of the lost commerce.

Here she stood, mostly abandoned and empty for over 100 years. The present owners acquired this historically designated Grand Dame in 1989 and have been operating it as a charming bed and breakfast facility ever since.

There is something quite not right about this small hamlet on the north shore of Lake Erie, in Long Point Bay….

I have passed through countless times, and always felt an uneasiness as I rounded the bend in the road near the cemetery. Not quite sure why – until I received an email from a reader asking about my investigation at the Cemetery a few years prior. It was then I learned about the Union Hotel – tucked to the left on Main Street – all but hidden as traffic is directed west through town.

On-line research gave me very little. Even my GPS didn’t recognize Normandale, Ontario. All but forgotten.

Union Hotel Bed & Breakfast:

Investigation video:


List of equipment used

Mel-Meter 8704R-rem milligaus and temperature, P-SB7 AM/FM Frequency Sweep Radio,
Digital Video Recorder, 4 camera IR surveillence video cameras, Laser Grid, Panasonic  
Digital Recorder, Olympus Digital Recorder, Full Spectrum Video Camera, KII - Milligauss Meter ,
EMF detector, IR Thermometer


Paranormal evidence review log
Name of Investigators: Claudia & Ted

EXHIBIT #1 - Orb anomalie captured on IR surveillance camera.

EXHIBIT #2 - USB plug moves captured on Sony HD handycam

EXHIBIT #3 - Possible flying insects captured by front door with IR surveillance camera. Front door was open so perhaps got in through screen but it is quite interesting.

EXHIBIT #4 - Light anomalies looking down staircase captured on IR surveillance camera.

EXHIBIT #5 - Apparition and smoke appearing anomalies captured in Ballroom with IR surveillance camera. May be outside reflection but unable to verify.

EXHIBIT #6 - A second capture 2 hours later with IR surveillance camera in the ballroom.

EXHIBIT #7 - Ballroom light orb anomalie. This appears to come in from the left side, go down to the Etchasketch on the floor - perhaps curious - then sail off to the right.

EXHIBIT #8 - Staircase anomalies captured on IR surveillance camera during daylight so no additional light sources were used.

EXHIBIT #9 - EVP (electronic voice phenomena) captured on Olympus Digital Recorder. Use of earphones needed but response we heard was "NO"

EXHIBIT #10 - Using ghost box (modified radio sweep of FM bands) in Ballroom. Please note that actual responses from radio station signals not used. It is the whitenoise between audible radio chatter. Here we heard a woman's higher pitch voice saying "hi" in response to ours.

EXHIBIT #11 - EVP (electronic voice phenomena) in response to "any children?" there is a audio anomalie which we cannot decipher.

EXHIBIT #12 - Using Ghost Box - two responses to HI captured on olympus digital recorder.

EXHIBIT #13 - Anomalie captured o Sony HD Handycam looking down the hallway from room #4. It appears to us to be an apparition attempting to manifest at the top of the stairs. However, because of the window, there may be some reflective cause.

EXHIBIT #14 - KII - EMF detector - this device captures changes in the electromagnetic fields around the device which some paranormal groups believe can be a sign of paranormal activity. These were captured in both the Saloon and front hallway. The spikes in the Saloon occurred when the iron works was mentioned. These are some captured on video. There were a few more than we did not capture on film but witnessed.

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